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What Pet Owners & Their Pets Are Saying About MuttPuppet

We received our Mutt Puppet yesterday. That toy is a hit around here, they are fighting over it. I told my husband I might need to order a second but he thinks half the fun is that they are passing it back and forth. We did pull the head off so each have a part but you know kids, they want what the other one has!!



Well I took photos of my dog playing with the MuttPuppet ... She loved the toy and played with it all night! It sure kept her busy and she does love it, it's her baby!! I will email you the pics.



“Me, oh I’m tough on toys. You give me a new one, the squeaker will be gone in 10 minutes or less... then it’s onto the stuffing. I’ll have that thing flat in no time. I know my owners have spent a lot of time in pet stores pulling and testing different toys thinking, ´she'll never be able to tear this apart’... Ha! Silly humans. Just give it to me. But that all changed when they gave me the MuttPuppet. I thought it was another one of “those” toys. Turns out, I may have met my match. I thought I had it licked when I pulled the head off, but I was wrong... What kind of trickery is this? Now, it’s personal. I’m gonna have to pace myself with this one.”

Trudy (the dog), translated by Joe (owner)


She loves it! She still carries it everywhere with her and it is still intact. It has lasted longer than any other toy she
has had before.

Thanks again! Deanna

Maggie is the biggest and sometimes she hogs the best toys.

My name is Sophie and I am determined to get a piece of this action. Score! thank goodness this toy has 2 pieces,
I have the head!!! Well, we are exhausted!! Sophie got the bone out and they shared it back and forth all day on Sunday. We need a rest but will not let go of our favorite toy!!! Thanks for a great invention. Let mom know if we are on your website because she is just goofy enough to tell all her friends!!

Maggie & Sophie

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Our featured product is the return of the Original Mutt Dog Toy. We're calling it a return because we brought back the detachable velcro head feature. We upgraded our manufacturing for all our products, which is sooooo huge for us. Another new feature is an open-ended treat pouch containing a rawhide bone. So the true 3-in-1 dog toy is back. This toy design won the Pet Age Pinnacle Award, voted the #1 dog product in the toy category, as determined by reader requests.

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