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Our Story ...

It all started back in 2003 when a husband and wife saved their dog’s life as she was choking on the stuffing from a plush dog toy. After that eye opening experience Michael & Theresa Fraser have been on a mission to create stuffing-free dog toys they call MuttPuppets!

Holding dog toy manufacturers and their default ideas to higher standards, Michael & Theresa eliminated the dangerous stuffing with their 3 layer design, and combination concepts.

MuttPuppet won back to back Pinnacle Awards from Pet Age Magazine, determined by their reader requests in the toy category, also featured in Modern Dog Magazine, Dogs Magazine, the Pet Expert Charlotte Reed, and recently selected by FIDO Friendly’s 100 BEST PET PRODUCTS.

To own or resell MuttPuppets, puts you in a select class of dog toy connoisseurs that share extreme passion for your four-legged friend's entertainment

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2010 Goal: 50 States - 50 Stores
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We started with a simple concept on a sewing machine in our basement. Construct a safe, durable, stuffing-free plush dog toy. Well, that simple idea has caught on. Click on the map above to see all of our resellers that share the same passion for quality dog toys. By the end of 2010 we would like to be represented in all 50 states.


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